Bucket boat racing

It’s a thing now, at our house. These black objects you see in the pool shot above are horse troughs, repurposed as bucket boats. 
Seven years ago when we moved into this home, our son (he in the foreground) grabbed the thick plastic liner inside of a yard cart, making it into the first square boat you’ve ever seen. Albeit one with tiny drain holes at the bottom. Which made for a slow countdown to submersion every time it was launched.
That square boat is still around, back in the yard cart after all these years apart. Kids had so much fun with the unusual craft my wife Ann found these two horse watering troughs. 
Now Zane and a bud can plunk around without having to take turns. 
Instantly bucket boat racing was born.
This is all to say that the experiences you make out of what you’ve got are the most satisfying. It’s where real life is. 
Hellacious fun too.
Got an afternoon yawning in front of you? What can you make out of it?
Got an idea gnawing inside of you? How can you get it out with what you’ve got?

For you 

Evan Griffith
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