Building, sifting, trimming

Lately I’ve taken to tracking words written, in addition to time spent, while I’m writing. It’s another way of reviewing my actual commitment to the book I’m working on rather than my imagined commitment.

This is important. 
You can see from the previous post the extent to which we exaggerate how much we work.  This means it can be important to check in on yourself when you’re attempting to create something meaningful.

I’m fond of tracking. To me tracking is awareness. At times it’s even enlightening.

Two days ago I worked an hour and a half on the book. It was one of those immersion work episodes where you look up and think, 20-30 minutes? . . . to find 90 minutes have swum through your experience you went so deep.

When I checked my word count I found that I’d ended up with 9 fewer words for that time worked! I’d subtracted from the manuscript more than I’d added.

Sometimes your purest and best work is paring down.

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