Burn Baby Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within (it’s LIVE on Amazon!)

Hey you fine peoples —
Looking for a good book to read for the holidays? Or one to gift?
I’m excited to announce that Burn, Baby, Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within is LIVE on Amazon as an ebook.
Burn Baby Burn is a little book about amplifying your creative power, through a simple practice. It’s based on 3 protocols that have proven highly effective for me: 
— Be clear (Often)

— Express love energy (Daily)

— Renew (As needed)
I think you’ll enjoy the stories that bring these ideas to life.
Click here to buy it and read it now . . . or to give it as a gift to someone creative you know.
As you read it, circle back and let me know your thoughts. I’m oh so curious to hear what you think.
You guys rock — thank you!
PS: Today’s writer thrives on Amazon reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. If you enjoy Burn Baby Burn, please consider reviewing and referring :-))

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