The call of the mind

I was on a trip with the artist David Langley last month when a mutual friend called his cell phone. Turns out that David had been hoping for a call from her — he’d even been thinking emphatically: I wish she’d call me! Pleeeze, call me.

For personal reasons he didn’t feel he could call her first — it had been six or seven months. Things had ended in an off mode for their friendship . . . whatever it was, he’d been thinking of her, willing her to get in contact, and here it happened right while I was there.

This call of the mind — your mental call going out to others and their response back without any other impetus — is another pointer to the fab universe we swim in.

In the book The World Is Freaky Beautiful I wrote about thinking on an old friend I hadn’t been in contact with for a decade or more . . . it was just me and Gil speaking about her. Shortly afterward, out of the wild blue yonder, she contacted me! After all those years. She contacted me after an intense day spent in her home town, the reason she’d come up in conversation in the first place . . . I’d been in Santa Fe at least ten if not twenty times before in the previous year-ish. This time, after talk about her, after Gil placed her in my casual thoughts, she connected.

I love these sneaky beautiful moments that are almost missable . . . it’s easy to dismiss this call of the mind when someone you speak with often gets in touch moments after thinking about them. Ack, they would have called anyway, you say. But someone you haven’t spoken to in six-seven months . . . or more than ten years?!? (!)

Come on.

Accept it. It’s just another sneaky beautiful reminder of the magnificence awaiting humanity as it comes into its own.

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