Can you chat with Infinite Spirit — and get answers?

Can someone actually chat with God and get clear responses?

I understand the longing; my son does!

Not long ago Zane and I lay in bed, lights out, at his bed time, which often — imagine this — is when he’s most communicative.

We were talking about concepts he was learning in second grade: The Big Bang, matter hurling outward from an unimaginably tiny point, dark matter, dark energy – how there was nothing before the great explosion and everything after it; no space, no matter, no stars, no planets, no stuff, and then whooom there it all is.

Zane was having a hard time getting his head around it, as I still do.

I confessed as much.

“Sometimes I wish God was a person and he would just come and tell me!” he sighed.

“Me too, Zane, me too.”

Wouldn’t you just love to get your top 100 questions out – and actually get answers? Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God series suggest this is possible, for anyone.

Check this out (this is God speaking here):

Mine is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling. Anything less is from another source.*

Now the task of differentiation becomes easy, for it should not be difficult even for the beginning student to identify the Highest, the Clearest, and the Grandest.

Yet will I give you these guidelines:

The Highest Thought is always that thought which contains joy. The Clearest Words are those words which contain truth. The Grandest Feeling is that feeling which you call love.

Joy, truth, love.

These three are interchangeable, and one always leads to the other. It matters not in which order they are placed.

After reading passages like these, there have been times when I’ve run around the house exclaiming to Ann: This is my Bible! 

She looks at me with that bemused, sorry-you’re-a-fool look in her eye.

But it’s true: I say of these books, and so many other works lighting the path, they are my scripture. They speak to me and many others about the next evolution in human God-consciousness.

This conversation back and forth between a seeker and his Source began – as so many freaky beautiful things do – out of desperation.

Walsch was in the habit of writing passionate letters to others on a yellow legal pad, many that were never sent upon later reflection. After failed marriages, a fire that incinerated his possessions, an accident that left his neck broken and in a brace, Walsch descended into homelessness.

Without a job, he wretchedly scratched out a subsistence living from a tent in an Oregon campground, collecting cans, eating from garbage bins. Walsch feared the worst had befallen him, that this was to be his lot, that all possibility had been obliterated.

An upward arc began when Walsch landed a stint on the radio – only to turn down again when the station suddenly closed. It was upon losing this lifeline out of his personal hell that Walsch lashed out at God in writing.

As a torrent of damning questions burned onto the page, he improbably felt answers surging through him . . . and the dialogue began.

This series brings it home that communication with Infinite Spirit is personal . . . and possible!

Multiply this by numerous other testimonies in our time of people receiving profound guidance from their Source, and you can’t help but feel that new neural-spiritual networks are being created in the cosmos – and that we all can find our way easier through these wormholes pioneered by others.

Note: Today’s text is from a book in process and is excerpted here in h
onor of (the thinly disguised) Lavid Dangley and his experience posted earlier this week (Seeker of wonder).

* Emphasis from the text 

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