Can you give up your twitchy fingers?

Can you give up your twitchy fingers? The ones that twitch every time a cell phone notification sounds off?

Can you give up responding that moment?

I gave up my twitch fingers — while I’m meeting with someone, while in certain modes of work or play, during family meal times.

There’s always time a little later on to check, even when it’s important that you remain accessible. My wife and I own an art gallery and it’s critical financially to be in touch about clients, artists and sales in progress. Even so, subsiding the twitchy fingers can be managed with thoughtfulness.

The greatest effect hasn’t been for others, it’s been for me  my mind is less twitchy. I never realized how grabby my mind was, wanting to grab at every little thing.

Meditation demonstrated what a wanderer my mind was. It’s a world-class meanderer, for nothing is uninteresting to my mind, nothing. I mean that both ways it can be taken.

Not responding to cell phone stimuli confronted me with my mind’s acquisitiveness. It’s always seeking to acquire a new experience, even when the one I’m in right now is just fine, thank you.

You know what helped? Not even looking at the damn thing. If I don’t know who’s calling or texting or emailing, then my impulse to attend to the prompt is already cut significantly.

Yes, I hear you asking, what about emergencies??!! Ohhhhhh, there are so many.

My wife does what her mother does, what so many people do in urgent situations; they call back if it’s that important. If someone does that, then I’ll answer. 

(Except if it’s my friend Gil. Because he always does that. Can’t help himself. He leaves a (long) message, remembers something else he wanted to tell me and calls right back. So he’s an exception to the two calls and I’ll answer rule.)

That means I’m free to be with whomever I’m with or do whatever I’m doing, without interruption.

It’s not all the time but it’s enough of the time to feel unchained.  I’m free to flow, and you know how good flow feels. 

PS: You know what also works wonders? To turn it down, turn it off, leave it in another room or another state. This little act shows your grabby mind the digital device is not so important after all.

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