Catching him doing things right

Puppy doing relaxation right

I’ve noticed we’re so accustomed to the opulent offerings of our era that conversations can often center around trivial disappointments. There was a dust bunny swirling at the edge of a vast immaculate lobby. The water fountain didn’t dance for us, it merely gushed water. And even then, not cleverly. How 20th century.

In business and at home I’ve been on a mission for years — to catch people doing things right.

With our team it’s all about celebrating their strengths far more often than working on a weakness.

I LOVE catching our son doing things right. Treating a friend well. Making others laugh. Saying thank you to a parent who had him over for a play date. Stirring up excitement (his specialty).

It’s the same with Ann. She does so many many things exceptionally well, who am I to quibble over an area that may not have her attention or interest.

Once you’re on the lookout for what people do well don’t be surprised to find a spillover effect. The more you notice — and articulate — what is exemplary, the more you’ll get.

It’s true for dogs and boys and co-workers and friends and family. It may even be true for grumps.

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Evan Griffith
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