Celebrating: An affair, for life

Love’s good. Lusty love’s even better.

Let me paraphrase an anguished song from the 70s by Billy Paul, about an affair. First, imagine me singing, a little throaty. Second, imagine me singing well! 

Now listen in to my rendition: 

Me and Mrs. . . . Mrs. Jones 

Mrs. Jones . . . Mrs. Jones . . . Mrs. Jones . . .  Mrs. Jones 

We’ve got a thinnnnnng, going on 

And it’s much too late to stop it now

I’ve got a thing going on too. With Mrs. G. We sneak around and arrange adult play dates. We flirt and frolic. We sneak peeks.

An affair gets your heart revved. To have an affair with your life mate is so glorious an experience I recommend it to all. It’s better than a spa day. It’s a spa lifetime.

Today I’m wishing this for all of you.

How do you do it? 

Here’s the takeaway from Mrs. G:

“The best foreplay happens outside of the bedroom.”

While I’d like to think it’s my flirtatiousness, my charm, in evidence throughout the day, that she’s talking about. In reality it’s all the partnering we do. 

It’s helping in all the small ways. Dishes, laundry, errands, clean up, kids. 

In a word, it’s thoughtfulness. 

It’s even better if you’re passionately thoughtful. So two words, I guess. Passionately thoughtful means you’re mirthful and light, singing badly at just the right moments. Lending a hand when the day gets heavy.

Old lovers — it’s never too late to rekindle your passionate interest in your partner.

Young lovers — it’s never too early to begin. Stay passionately supportive of each other, and you too can have an affair for life.

Creativity starts at home and spills out into all you do. That it rebounds back to you in the most delicious of ways is all the more reason to stay creatively alive to those who share your days.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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