Celebrating (the curious case of a traffic non-incident)

Today we’re celebrating this:

I was in the turn lane at an intersection on one of the busiest thoroughfares in our area, behind a car inching forward to turn left against three lanes of traffic. The driver failed to take advantage of a couple expansive gaps in the traffic to turn. 

Then without warning the driver pushed the car forward into a thick mass of traffic streaming from the opposite direction. Some cars braked hard to a stop inches away from impact, others managed to avert an accident by scooting just beyond this vehicle now sliding slowly across all three lanes.

I sat there stunned . . . that a terrible crash hadn’t occurred. The driver had basically oozed his way through a slew of vehicles traveling at top speeds from the other direction. 

On the heels of this amazement came a second wave of awe . . . when I realized everyone in the opposing vehicles had acted . . . gentlemanly . . . gentlewomanly too! . . . not one honk, not one curse, not one gesture, not one finger . . . 

I could see them individually I was so close. And to a one they reacted quickly, yet with calm. And seemingly, once out of danger,  each let it go . . . .

The world can be freaky beautiful in ways you least expect it.

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