Design saves the world . . . again

This is a simple thing, the snug sleeve-pocket on the spine of this journal. So you can easily sheath your pen when you’re done expressifying. And know it will be there when you next feel the need to unleash your glorious thoughts.

I’m sitting on a substantial bean bag that looks like the stalk of mushroom, if you could blow up a mushroom stalk to 5 feet in diameter. It’s the design that makes it special. From the soft micro-fiber exterior to the foam bits on the inside, this is a minimalist piece of functional art.

Today we’re taking a brief moment to celebrate design genius in our world. It’s the touch and feel of the items we use. The way I can softly tappata tappata tappata on the keys of this laptop, which makes it addictive to use.

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? One that slides into your cupped palms perfectly? 

Design did that.

You know how at some supermarkets they ask you if you want to donate to a worthy cause? 

Someone designed that into the system. And it’s going to help more people because of it.

(I always say yes when asked. As many do. It was genius to insert giving into a common purchasing process.)

(Or perhaps it was scenius πŸ˜‰

My eyes were opened to design a couple of decades ago working with designer David Uozumi. Though we worked on expensive marketing materials most often, I first saw him re-work a form . . . and make it simple.

And elegant.

And easy to use. 

Yes, my eyes opened. The ugly scales preventing me from seeing the exquisite effects of design fell off. 

Ever since I’ve been agog at the way design perfects our world.

When my forever friend Gil complains about Apple, “All they are is a design firm,” I smile and think, Yes! You got that a-right . . . 

(When I’m charitable. When I’m not, I think, Well duh.)

What we do by design improves experience. What we do without thinking too often leads to suckiness

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Evan Griffith
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