Celebrating: Funouts

Late this afternoon our little pod was playing in the pool. We were throwing a soccer-sized ball around, lofting it as high as we could as we arced it to each other. 

Then we ran around the pool’s edge — still in the water — pulling Zane in a makeshift boat he’s repurposed from the liner of our yard cart. Because it has a couple of drain holes in it he gets heavier as we pull him along as water squirts into the plastic basin from below.

We’ve discovered that if you stride and swim along mightily in one direction just inside the edge of the pool a current develops . . . and that turns into a lazy river effect . . . eventually pushing you along.

There are so many ways to have fun. When we forget the children will remind us. 

[Alert: getting serious . . . ]

Ann used to go to a place called Hard Exercise Works until rhabdo threw her in the hospital.

[Alert: getting unserious . . . ]

As Zane exclaimed one time climbing along the bars connecting the poles shooting up from the corners of our bed: “Fun exercise works!

It does. I can feel it right now as I write this. 

You know what’s better than a workout? A funout.

You’ll feel it just as much but you’ll have had soooo much more fun doing it.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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