Celebrating: Jason gets his bigger screen (minutes later)

There are many ways to know that everything’s right with the world. One of my favorites is when a wish is fulfilled almost magically before your eyes.

Two things to know before reading this brief email from Jason Fennell:
  1. Jason works at a museum 
  2. He has moved back to Florida from Chicago in advance of his fiance, who will follow in a couple of months. He is the advance team.
And now the email he sent two days ago:


I was on a walkabout tonight just thinking . . . It would be nice to have a larger TV. Maybe I can buy one from the museum . . . 

I rounded a corner on my way to the local convenience store. Then on the side of the road is . . . a 27″ HD TV. Just put out in the trash . . . not wet from the rain. Sooo kewl!

For the previous 24 to 48 hours it had been raining epically in spurts. So for the TV to be dry, it was as if it had been put out there just for him. 

Hell, for the TV to be there in the first place it was as though it had been put out just for him. To be dry in addition, that was the fudge-dripped cherry on top . . . that was the wink of the cosmic eye.

Jason knows I like stories like these. 

What he didn’t know was that the day before he emailed me I was saying aloud — to myself — to my Self! — how much I love it when people pass on their stories and insights to me. I wanted more stories of grace to come to me unbidden.

The next day — ping! — his email shows up in my inbox . . . . A two-fer, one for Jason, one for me. A three-fer really, if this helps you too, to acknowledge the ease and assistance that comes your way . . . .

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