Celebrating: Ojai, result of a disaster

The road to Ojai is winding. And sumptuously treed. Trees reach out at you every inch of the road, at times overarching you even.  

Like so much in California, it’s a mix of extremes. Humble shacks, equestrian ranches. Sports cars and pickup trucks. Sex sirens and new age wise women. Because the mountains can’t be paved over — like the desert can in Phoenix say -—nature gets its spot too.

This California road evokes the range of humanity that shows up in this state, from vagabond to technorati to fame seekers to live-the-good-lifers.

I’m sitting in a park in Ojai, chilling out before picking up some artwork at a gallery in town. I’ve not even been into Ojai proper yet, just its periphery.

And I’m thinking, maybe the road here is the most interesting part. Ojai is sure to delight, no doubt, but can it equal the trip here? Can it equal a colossal life crisis that propelled me onto the road to save our business six years ago? Can it equal our recovery . . . Can it equal this side art transport business that puts me on all sorts of roads each summer?

Ojai. Life. Would you have it any other way?

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Evan Griffith
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