Celebrating OmArtist

Looking for a site that explores “all things spiritual and creative”? You know, besides this one?

: -)

There’s an intriguing new venue in cybertown called OmArtist, featuring interviews with creatives, showcasing artwork with a spiritual dimension.

Interspersed in between are thought bullets from luminaries to nudge you along  your path.

Best of all, there’s an interview with ME.

Guy Hoffman — the creative juice behind this engaging site — has a way of burrowing deep in just a few questions. Check it out, I think you’ll come away inspired.

Do you have favorite creatives you think should be interviewed? There’s a quick Suggest Interview form to spur OmArtist in that direction.

In a world often heavy with the cacophony of discord, OmArtist is a space to renew your spirit — so you can create work that matters. Work that lofts us higher.

Creating with purpose is where it’s at. The world needs it. You need it. You do your best work when you’re attuned. Which is why I’m enthused about OmArtist. Every bright new venture lights the way a little more, a little better for all of us.

That’s worth celebrating with a banana split. (Organic, pasture-raised, free range, and massaged by personal bovine masseuses of course.)

Go forth and have a creatiful day —



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