Celebrating (she does for others what I do for my dog when I come home from work)

During a busy day the designer Cristina King popped in for a nail appointment, only to find the woman there in a disgruntled mood. 
One option was to hunker down, wade through the appointment and then go on with her day.
Another option was to envelop the woman with what she needed, admiration, affection. 

“It’s a constant exercise, to get very clear, feeling the purity of love.”

“Every day you have to practice, see if you’re being consciously aware, constantly alert to where your thought is.”

That day Cristina directed the purity of love vibe to the woman doing her nails. And then she just asked whatever came to mind, chatted about whatever felt right.

“By the end of the session she was a joyous person.”

I want to do that for others! I want to BE that person, that mood shifter. 
Sometimes all you need is a reminder, like this one casually tossed off as an aside by Cristina while we were talking of other things. 
It’s a reminder that we do have the power to be that person, the one who changes up the energy in a situation.
And all it takes is a subtle moment of clarity, and then turning on your love beam.

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