Celebrating (a sneaky friend) (and a gathering force)

Oh yeah! Just got off the phone with a forever friend. You know what this forever friend did to me? Lied, snuck around, was a deceitful little cuss and I couldn’t be happier.
He’s been writing a book, something he’s been meaning to do for years. 
He did have to wrestle with some old demons who showed up just as he was getting down to business.
Demons do that when you get serious. You know what they look like, drink or drug or Facebook or some other delight of the moment. They got a brief hold of him, but he shook ’em off and got to work.
He’s been writing a book in the evenings after work. He grabs a recorder and talks his way through it. He enacts it. He walks and wonders aloud on plot points, on character traits. He’s found his way into writing the book through talking it out.
Here’s what I especially love: He kept it from me. 
Oh he spat out a hint here and there, but he mostly kept it to himself. 
What did that do? It allowed the process to gather force! 
It allowed the project to attain mass and velocity. Escape velocity. Nothing can be created without escape velocity.
And what is escape velocity? The force and momentum and trajectory needed to escape the confines of your mind.
Lie to me! Lie to me when you’re setting down a new groove. Keep it under wraps until you’re as pure as the monk going to daily prayer.
When you can no longer be stopped in your calling, then call me. Then let me know. Before that, keep it safe. Grow it first.

Part of the What creators do series.

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