Celebrating: Spiritual splicing

Picasso’s ‘Bull’s Head’ (1942). 
Reunion des Musees Nationaux/Art Resource, NY

Today we’re in celebration mode.

Our era is marked by conceptual cross pollination. 

All eras are, really, when you look into it. We’re living in our time and it’s difficult to apprehend the cross-cultural mishmash that went on in previous times.

Because of the processor driven, light-speed world wide web connecting across barriers of all kinds . . . this era has ramped up cross fertilization to such a degree future generations might be saddened so much of it has been done by the time they arrive on the scene. 

(In the way some pioneering types mourn that there is so little world left to discover.)

By cross referencing domains of knowledge we gain more understanding.

Into psychology? How much more can you perceive if you delve into evolutionary psychology?

Enjoy art? And also have an inexplicable urge to forage through trash? This era is heaven for you — you can make art with found objects

What once had one purpose is re-purposed. Meaning accrues because of the layering of the original use and the new use.

For example: Picasso’s “Bull’s Head” above (looking more like the head of a deer). It’s more significant to us because of the bicycle seat and handlebars. We layer their original intent into the work of art, and are pleased by the clever reinterpretation.

. . . . .

Christians and Sufis emphasize a personal relationship with the divine.

Daoists and Buddhists — whose philosophies were born at approximately the same time yet sprang from different cultures — align themselves with the unchanging essence at the core of all that changes.

Hindus and Christian Scientists and A Course in Miracles see this existence as illusion. 

Today we’re celebrating spiritual gene splicing. 

Like art, like science, like business innovations, elements from different thought traditions are recombining. New and old are swishing together in the cross currents.

Why not a personal relationship with the impersonal Oneness? 

Why not illusion as a creative soul playground? 

Why not something knowable and unknowable at once? 

Why not this and that?

Every person is a religion of one. I’ve never met two kindred co-religionists who share an identical viewpoint. Even those who profess the same dogma will have disagreements among themselves. 

Today’s spirituality grows itself by gene splicing.

You don’t rest in one understanding, you keep growing. You keep layering. You test what is new in your own experience. You do the same with what came before — you test what has come down from generations past and you choose what works for you.

There is something incredible going on. 

Hindu yoga in every township. 

Buddhist meditation in sports. 

Rastafarian hair on white people. 

Jewish mysticism among pop stars. 

Christian caring everywhere. 

It’s the Tower of Babble in reverse. People are speaking different languages. People are speaking different belief systems. Yet, crucially, people are listening. People are hearing one another. People are absorbing elements from other thought systems and incorporating them into their own. 

I don’t know what you call it, I call it evolutionary transcendence

Not really. I just made that up on the spot. Cuz it felt oh so right.

But I do call it sublime. Magnificent. Inspiring. Awesome even.

The new Oneness is interwoven diversity.

Thus concludes our celebration for today. Booyah!

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