Celebrating: These two impish spirit moments…

First, I was peeing in the bathroom next to Zane’s bedroom. Through the door to his room a remote-controlled monster truck the size of a bedpan came jumping over the threshold. It stopped and turned in my direction and suddenly whizzed toward me. Still mid-urination I couldn’t move. 

This little monster truck ran right up over my left foot, which caused it to turn toward me. From there it revved and revved, humping my ankle.

I quickly finished  had to do some extra cleaning because my aim had been compromised, thank you very much  and marched around the corner into Zane’s room.

There he stood giggling so maniacally I thought he might vibrate into another dimension.

I’m glad he didn’t; it would take string theorists to get him back and that might take awhile.

Second, later that night. Ann and I were standing in front of one of the couches in our living room, admiring the Christmas tree we’d just set up. 

We heard it. The whizzing little loaded-diaper-sized monster truck. It wheeled around the couch and slammed into our feet. We glanced down and saw this (pay attention to the note):

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