Celebrating: You get what you ask for sooo right away sometimes . . .

Yesterday I sat in a diner writing my Vision Page for that day. 

Here’s what was coming through on the page:


Expand LoveJoy in me —  

Expand that LoveJoy in me 

Expand that LoveJoy so that I am an overflowing cup that others drink from 

Let me spill overflow wantonly 

Let me be a fountainhead for LoveJoy wherever I traverse 

LoveJoy  let it slosh mightily, happily

Within minutes a waitress I hadn’t seen in months came over to me. She’d had an operation on one eye that left it a diminished slit, only half the opening it was before. Though undergoing cancer treatment she was her engaging self.

She said: “You’re always so happy.”

And I said, it was her: “I’m like a mirror — I’m just reflecting you back.”

This touched her — she repeated it several times — she lit up, becoming almost sparkly. 

. . . . . . . . . .

LoveJoy abounds

And look at that — you ask to be able to express it, and opportunities appear. Immediately. It’s because there are always opportunities to emanate LoveJoy.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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