Celebrity Moment of Wheeee: Sarah Silverman

photo from http://www.bronxbanterblog.com/tag/sarah-silverman/

The comedian Sarah Silverman was featured in a recent Time magazine mini-interview . . .  

Time: Your special is called We Are Miracles. Has anything miraculous happened to you lately?

Sarah Silverman: Uh . . .

(She can’t think of anything off the bat — they go on to talk about Thanksgiving and Tofurkey.)

Sarah Silverman interrupts herself: — Oh! I thought of a miraculous thing!

Time: What is it?

Sarah Silverman:  I was walking down Fifth Avenue at, like, 2 in the morning with a friend. It’s cold and I’m all bundled up. In the distance I see another woman and a guy walking toward us. Then, without any words or anything, as we pass, the girl and I grabbed hands, spun around three times and then let go and kept walking.

Time: Wow.

Sarah Silverman: It was so magical.

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