Check out what’s fourth on our ten-year old’s Christmas list — (or) — It takes care of itself when you are playful about it

He’s never made a Christmas list before that I’m aware of. Occasionally, because he sees me doing it, he’ll make a list of things he wants to do over the weekend. 

[When we make lists together about what needs to be done we make sure to throw in the essentials, you know something insanely enjoyable, like Run around the house screaming! — or Wrestle with Bodhi! (our German Shepherd) — or Throw Daddy in the pool! . . . Everything goes better after that.]

When I saw item number four on his list, I thought, this next generation’s going to be OK. Better than that — they’re going to shine.

Because it’s not just Zane. They’re all like this. These young spawn of humanity are all seeking to maximize everyone’s experience. 

Have you seen the laughter and sharing going on? The inventiveness?!

If not, sit down at a playground and treat yourself to an affirmation of what is playful and good. All we have to do — as adults — is not extinguish this impulse. 

What I’ve found out about kids is true of me as an adult. The best way to flourish — be it about homework or my work — is to make it meaningful and playful. Then energy spills in that direction. Energy leaps and bolts in that direction. You can’t contain it, the work takes care of itself. The work takes care of itself when you are playful about it.

. . . . . 

(The last item on his list presumably is because we live in South Florida.) (Nyah nyah.) (For now. You can nyah nyah me in August.)

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