Cheeky does it


This ad works. It makes you want to zoom in. Not for titillating reasons, you’ve already been titillated. Nope, you want to find out what it’s about.

Studio E Gallery is plop in the middle of a highly affluent area. Consequently every local high-end magazine wants to be on our counter. They air drop in by the dozens. Somebody seems to be coming by every other day with the latest round.

If you were to flip through these magazine pages you’d quickly assume the McKayla is not impressed stance. (If you’re not familiar with that meme, here’s a link explaining its origin.)

When extravagance overspills decadence on every page, your eyes glaze over like an aged donut.

It takes something original to get you to look further. Yes, sex is selling you a bit here. But it always is. No less in luxury mags. Which makes it easy to skip by quickly, even when alluring models are included.

This ad works because of idea conflation. Bringing together different concepts.

Let’s break down how they do it in this instance.

First they draw you in with the visual. That’s but a nanosecond for our overmarketed brains.

It’s the tagline where it gets really cheeky. Where the adsters collide separate realms . . . floating the idea that it doesn’t really matter if you’re not the first . . .

Really? What are they referring to? A car, a mansion, a lifestyle, a lover?

Now you have to look at the fine print.

Boom. They’ve got you. They’re selling used exotic cars . . . And you nod your head at their cleverness. They made you look.

The best ideas come together from disparate elements. What can you conflate today?

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