Choosing a zone of power in a difficult time

When all feels futile – or overwhelming – or maddening – or like you’re the fly on the wrong side of the window pane – choosing a zone of power could be your opening back into the WonderFlow.

It can be one little thing that you choose to master. Mastery is simply love applied. Consistently. 

This one little thing, this zone of power you seek to create for yourself, can be what others might think inconsequential. It can be fifteen minutes in silence, where you accept yourself, accept life, accept others.

It could be a walk
– my favorite jumpstart because it changed the path of my life when I undertook a walking program many years ago. Your zone of power could be a daily walk, no matter what.

It could be loving a difficult child, no matter what.

It could be any small zone where you can focus love and acceptance.

It could be cleaning up and maintaining that clean, no matter what.

In the midst of sequential declines and deaths in his family my friend Russell listened to his silent guidance (screaming at him, but silently) and created his zone of power, a ripe stillness within his home space.

Mastery, creating a zone of power, always starts small. 

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