Clarity, love energy and renewal

Me thinking thinky thoughts

This past year I published a bookito called Burn Baby Burn: Spark the Creative Spirit Within.

Coiled at the core of this tight little narrative are these three principles for creating something meaningful: 

  1. Be clear
  2. Express love energy
  3. Renew
You creators know this: You set out to create something . . . and it turns out to be bigger than you. Far bigger. In fact, something comes through you during the process . . . and teaches your little whelp of a mind a thing or two.
It could be a a poem, a song, a business, a book, an app, a relationship . . . whatever you thought you were creating grew so much more expansive than your dreams for it that eventually you bowed down to it and uttered, “Sensei.” 
This was the case with Burn Baby Burn. You could say that I thought it up . . . that I wrote it . . . but that would be only the merest of partial truths. A sliver of a fraction of a truth.
I set down the path and the path yielded phantasmagorical treasures I could never have anticipated.
Not only is there insight beyond my capacity in those pages, there is humor and freshness I don’t possess in real life.
It turns out I need clarity, love energy and renewal more than my readers. 
It turns out out that when I was fumbling my way recently, I simply had to heed the premise of that bookito: To turn the creative process into a spiritual practice.
In doing so, I’m finding my way back.
The really exciting part of this is the greater message. The one for you. 
Create something for others . . . and your creation will in turn bejewel your spirit in ways you can scarcely dream of.
Create for others . . . and enjoy the bounce back effect. 
Unless of course you’re creating strife or discord or mayhem or such. 
Then it ain’t pretty.

For you 

Evan Griffith

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