Clarity, a love story

Much of today’s angst comes from one thing. Actually, it springs from too many damn things . . . but it’s genesis can be summed up in a phrase:

lack of clarity

Here’s an example from my own little life. If you were trailing this blog this summer you know we embarked on an epic art road trek. Covering more than 30 states. If you count the ones we were in twice, it was closer to 40.

It was a work vacation with my wife and son . . . and for two crazy intimate weeks, my Mom tagged along. We’d not had the chance to do this all together before, so it was electric. Except when it wasn’t.

Early in the trip some kind of free-floating dissatisfaction snuck into my experience. It was an unspecified unease, increasing the longer into the day I went, no matter what I was engaged in. 

In a quiet moment its source leapt out at me. I was anxious about the creative time I wasn’t getting in. There simply wasn’t enough time for the art travel and family fun and taking on a new writing project. It was gnawing at me.

When I clarified to myself that the trip was about family and our art biz — first and second — the tension dropped away. I’d just finished writing a bookito before we left; there was no need to weight the trip down with another small book project.

It was easy to prioritize once I thought out my real priorities. 

I still managed to get creative time in. But I was clear it was of lesser importance for the duration of the trip. So though creative time decreased dramatically, a bliss wave of satisfaction swept through the days. 

Clarity will do that for you.

Lack of clarity is the source of most of my tension. When I take the time to get clear on what is most important — and flow with that — frustration melts away.

Clarity, this is a prose piece to you. I honor you, baby! Every time I neglect you my body bloats with dread. It’s always a gnarly, dissatisfied feeling, seemingly oozing up from nowhere. 

Getting clear lightens a heavy load.

Clarity will do that for you.

If lack of clarity is tangled bed head, then clarity is the quickest-acting detangler known to humankind.

Clarity, I love you so.

Unlike most of my loves, I, uh, forget about you often. But, Clarity, when we reconnect, you and I . . . fireworks—

For you 

Evan Griffith
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