Come back better

Turns out I’m mortal after all. It’s been a week of excruciating lower back pain. Something I hadn’t experienced in over 20 years.

(When it first happened in my early twenties it was because I was doing he-man stuff — working at a tire store, putting a spare tire in the trunk. This time . . .  I was reaching into the dryer and hadn’t even picked up so much as a pair of panties . . . )

In the slow agony of recuperation sans drugs I would mutter to myself, I can’t wait to get back to normal. 

Until I realized it was normal that put me in this situation. I wasn’t being as attentive to my body and its needs as I profess to be.

In pain, in the shower, I wondered, Can I come back better?

As I bent over, attempting to stretch my back somewhat, pain lanced through me. Instead of screaming like a ninny — as I had before when pain arced through my back and haunches — I shouted, “Come back better!”

Though, in reality, it probably sounded like a screaming ninny. . . 
Now with every wince of pain that is my mantra. 
Learn from this — Come back better —
Make it worth it — Come back better —
This is your springboard to mo better — Come back better —
Yeah, better. Why work all the way back to good enough maybe? 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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