Come into the new year with your bigger vision

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It’s an exciting time of year. Old troubles evaporate in the light of plans for the upcoming year.

People everywhere  you may be one of them  are crafting New Year’s resolutions as we speak. I’m a tweaker  one thing at a time until it takes  so I tend to shy away from sweeping resolutions.

But I do know this, make sure you come into the new year with your big vision. While planning that diet change, while scheduling those gym visits . . . conjure up your larger vision.

What do you really want your life to look like? What do you want your body and your relationships and your wallet to feel like?

Cast that net big and wide. You’ve heard the saying, Shit happens.

You know what you don’t hear that’s even truer? 

Visions happen. 

Dreams come true. 

But  and this cannot be emphasized enough  you must envision that ideal first. 

Now’s your time. You’ve got a few hours remaining until the new year. You’ve got all day on the first of the year. And in a happy confluence of timing, after that you’ve got all weekend! 

That’s a whole lot of time to solidify the big vision. What would really really excite you?

What is it?

Is it making a living by your creative wits?

Is it running a marathon?

(My inner being just gasped in horror. Running a marathon is emphatically on my Things Not To Do In This Lifetime list 🙂

Is it a freelance career?

Is it a successful freelance career?

Is it living amongst trees? Is it living near big water? Is it living wholeheartedly happy? Is it living engaged? Is it making a difference? 

What is it?

This is your time to conjure up the big satisfying vision. You may only take a baby step in that direction, but that’s all that’s required of you. To dream it . . . and then to move toward it in the most fulfilling way.

This year, as in each of the past three years, big honking dreams have come true in my life. These were impossible dreams at the time of their inception. Now? They reside in my reality.

This will happen to you too, if you dare dream it.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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