Connecting with the Voice within

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Writing Down Your Soul:
How to activate and listen to the extraordinary Voice within
by Janet Conner

There is a Voice inside you. There is a Voice inside everyone. Whether you hear it or not, the Voice is there. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the Voice is there. Whether you ask it for help or ignore its guidance, the Voice is still there. Waiting. It is waiting for you to stop, if just for a moment, and listen. The Voice is always there, guiding you, encouraging you, loving you. 

. . . Connecting with that Voice is easy. And why shouldn’t it be? The Voice isn’t trying to hide from you — it is seeking you. It knows the rich conversation that awaits you both. It knows what you need and longs to give it to you. So it stays close at hand, in your heart, your mind, your soul. The Voice is right there, barely below the surface, waiting for you to pick up your pen and penetrate the thin wall of consciousness that keeps you apart.
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