Connection time as daily practice

I now view connection time as a daily practice. 

What I mean by that is I track it, as I do several of my daily practices, such as these:

  • Love-n-appreciation meditation before sleep
  • Declarations on my morning drive
  • Daily vision page I write
For me tracking is awareness . . . and ritual. One that I feel good about.

What I also mean by that is this year I’ve committed to practice what many of us take for granted . . . as I had: Connecting meaningfully with others.

For me connection breaks down into three areas of importance each day:
  • my wonder wife
  • my joy boy
  • a friend or family member
In a meditation practice you consciously seek a particular experience. It’s the same with my connection practice now. I seek engagement. 

I’ve fulfilled my connection practice when I’ve been fully present  to use the parlance of the times  in some activity with my wife, with my son, with a friend of family member. 

We have a crazy-making season, working days and nights and weekends, tag teaming like relay runners. Exuberance and exhaustion two-step with each other throughout the days.

What alarmed me was when I realized there were days where we skimmed over the surface of each other like skipping stones on our own trajectories. 

That wasn’t for me. A practice was born. 

(And it’s been goo-oo-ood! The past three months  the first three months of this year  are the most hectic for us. Yes there were days I sat at a stoplight wondering whether I was going to work or going home from work . . . Yes the old exuberant exhaustion two-step played on at times interminably . . . but even more Yes we connected damnit! Me and my boy, me and my woman, me and my whomever else that day  we connected. And that is pure goodness.)

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