Contemplative Q&A (with me and Me)

Have you ever tried this, writing to yourself in Question and Answer format? 

I’ve done this only infrequently, yet I’ve read of others who’ve tried this method and found it to be a powerful way of plumbing one’s own depths for answers.

me: What do I need to know?

Me: That you are on the right track.

me: I can feel it  I’d like the track to move faster . . .

Me (interrupting): It is.

me: . . . to my creative financial independence.

Me: Yes?

me: You sense my love of movement.

Me: Yes.

me: How do I meld creative solitude and bursts of doing/engaging?

Me: You’re doing it.

me: Ah . . . the rhythm method.

Me: Yes, the Rhythm you establish in your life. Setting up a Rhythm is good. Life plays best that way. It’s all Rhythm, and you will change up that Rhythm as you change. 

A playful Rhythm is best. A playful Rhythm, a playful you, a creativity-drenched experience. You’ll hum your own tune, and you’ll find others humming their tune, in harmony, in counterpoint, in syncopation with you. 

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