Corina’s soap company

Guess what happened simultaneous with writing this post — “My marketing plan is strategic giving”

I was the target of strategic giving. Unbeknownst. Unbeknownst. Unbeknownst to me.

Corina Pelloni — a wisp of transcendental entrepreneurialism — a friend of mine from my spiritual Dreamers Club days — sent me a packet of soap samples. I received them a couple days later. 

You can see a few above — the few that have not already been torn open and used!

Corina and her partner have launched Panda Frog Soap Company. Everything they are doing screams what I love about business in this era: the ethos of giving back. Which confirms to me humanity is going to ever greater places. 

  • They are marketing through strategic giving. 
  • They are donating a percentage of their proceeds to better the environment. 
  • They are creatives doing their conscious best to infuse their enterprise with expansive values (see below).

This is how I know all is going well. The give-back that Andrew Carnegie began at the end of his life has morphed into giving back continuously throughout a lifetime

It’s biblical. It’s spiritual. And it’s oh so modern. Business has been catching the give-back wave like never before. Now it’s giving forward . . . . 

. . . . . . . . . . . .
Panda Frog’s About page: Is this spiritual marketing at its funky spunky best or what—

Our purpose is to make delicious soap for you. 

We use the hot process method because we like to add goodies after the oils are saponified (control freaks). We use no artificial colorants or fragrances (hippies). The natural world is important to us and we pledge to donate 10% of our net profit to environmental organizations (self-righteous do-gooders). 

We want to offer the world something honest, worthwhile, and useful. 

We are caring, free-thinking people who wish to be conscientious consumers but still like nice soap that smells great. Can you relate to that?

Here is where you can find Panda Frog Soap Company.

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