Crazy, kind-hearted gestures

Julian, who works with us at the gallery, was carting a hefty wooden crate out the entryway when his Dad drove by and tossed a shopping bag at him. 

Inside were some cool Sanuk shoes Mr. C had spontaneously picked up for his son. A few minutes later when Julian scooted off to thank his dad, who was having breakfast a couple of doors down, I jokingly shouted: “Tell him I’m size 10 and a half!”

Julian did, extending the joke . . . and damn if Mr. C didn’t slide on over to the mall again later in the day, surprising me with the shoes you see above.

(Photo capture of the Sanuks in their natural habitat.)

Some people choose to delight random people whenever they can. Mr. C is one of them. Crazy, kind-hearted gestures go far beyond the moment. They pay dividends into the future.

Now I’m on the hunt to surprise and delight some other unsuspecting person . . .

In a world of occasional spasms of impersonal violence, the best antidote is frequent shock and awe of the generous-hearted kind. Like Mr. C displayed this week.

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Evan Griffith

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