Creating puts you in tune with the infinite

“The moment of creation is the closest I feel to a godlike experience of connecting with something larger.”

~ Judd Apatow

Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy

You know the people who put that display together in the above photo were having fun. 

You know five-year olds finger painting are in no need of chemical pick-me-ups.

We’re always creating . . . though we often don’t recognize it. We’re creating an experience. A project. A relationship. A mode of being.

Years ago we stumbled upon something extraordinary wrapped up in the ordinary:

When we added fun and physicality to my son’s study process for a test, he soared. The time it took to study dropped by an astounding amount.  

(While smiles and bursts of laughter increased in inverse proportion.)

The most worthy creation is whatever you’re creating this moment. And believe me, no matter what you’re doing, you’re creating something . . . 

May the frolic be with you.

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