Creation zones + 2 questions to get the most out of them

Today I found myself excited for the day to come — and specifically for the creation zones that became apparent to me within the day:

  • My time with my wonder wife
  • My time with my son and friends playing a little basketball
  • My time at the art gallery
  • My time with the book I’m writing (Bohemia in Suburbia)
  • My time with you on this blog and responding to your emails
  • My time in the hammock
  • My time in the pool
  • My time cleaning the house

When I think of each segment of time as a creation zone, all I need do for maximum fulfillment is ask myself, “What do I want most to create here  and for how long?”

What am I seeking to create in this segment of time — Relaxation? Rapport? Entertainment? Productivity? Understanding? Immersion? Silence?

Every segment of time in a day is a creation zone. If driving, then I’m wanting a safe, easy flow experience. If conversing, then I’m wanting a real connection.

The second question above is equally important — for how long? There’s absolutely nothing I wish to do indefinitely . . . everything has its natural limits, which are different for each of us. 

Understanding this going in helps me. I know when my energy and attention will begin to flag — and that it’s best to stop before that point. 

Otherwise my innate tendencies toward novelty kick in. Hey, there’s a black snake in the yard, wonder if I could pet it. . . . 

To get the most from each creation zone —  to live to my fullest — all I need to define for myself entering each creation zone is what I want most from that activity and what is the optimal amount of time to engage in it.

Defining these two parameters allows me to immerse myself fully — without feeling the tug of all the other things seeking to be created that day too. So time with son is time with him, not also time with you here on this blog . . . Time with you here isn’t muddied by attempting research on my book at the same time.

It simplifies everything. And everything important gets its moment.

It also creates a rhythm, like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine. You release the prior segment/vine to really get into the full swing of the next one.

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