Creative engagers (the new action heroes)

Experience is so vivid and personal to the experiencer that to compare and contrast with another’s life is an utter impossibility.

You know who I follow?

  • A couple of minimalists whose online business broke down and left them floundering in far flung locales, homeless even for a short stint. I’m intrigued by how they’re reinventing themselves on the fly.
  • Multi-millionaire creative types  to vicariously go along for the heady ride.
  • Those grappling with their own personal and spiritual evolution.
  • Those forging their own way.

You know who I don’t follow (and you likely don’t either)?
  • Bored trust funders who are doing nothing in the world.
  • Complainers, kvetchers, bitchers and moaners, who also by the by are doing nothing substantive in the world.

Creatively engaging the world regardless of your current circumstance is all life asks of you. 

It’s all any of us truly care about. 

When we look at another’s life what we’re really doing is asking  is she committed to living? How is she going about it?

Creatively engaging the world is the only requirement for a compelling journey.

So . . . even if your neighbor/friend/family member is living something different, something construed as more desirable  it doesn’t mean doodley.

The only thing that has any meaning at all is how you engage your own experience.

(From where you’re at.)

(With what you’ve got.)

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