The creative mind asks: What is possible now?

Life itself is creative work.

As a gallery owner, I know many artists.

People assume that creative types live creatively. It can be true, but it is also true that many creative types don’t live as creatively as they do dramatically. I’ve witnessed many creatives cling to a rut with almost glorious tenacity.

The real wonder is how creatively people live who claim they don’t have a creative bone in their body. There are many ‘uncreatives’ who riff along in the seeming rigid patterns of their lives with the virtuosity of a jazz maestro.

I see masters of possibility everywhere, in freelancers, in small biz owners, sure, but especially in those we might not think would be so free, be they doctors or lawyers or big biz inhabitants.

I see it in the way people converse (engagingly!), in the way people go about attaining a distant goal (inventively!), in the way people raise their kids . . . .

A parent I know, an engineer and an MBA, this past weekend made a (real) birthday cake for his son’s toy! All week long the son had been talking about this toy’s birthday coming up this weekend . . . . I’m a creative type and I’m too feeble to have mustered that kind of free-floating genius.

To me it was a lesson, an insight, into the workings of a creative mind.

All the creative mind does is survey what is going on and then ask this, what is possible now?


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