Creative procrastination

The perpetrator went, uh, thatta way

Sifting through items in your work space
Suddenly feeling that now is the time to vacuum
Running out to get the mail
Being compelled to get up and stretch — maybe even busting a yoga pose — though you’re not normally the stretching kind
Cuddling with your pet
Lingering over tea
Scribbling down notes as all those things you need to attend to assault your mind-o-sphere
Lazily, for the first time all day, becoming fascinated at the way the breeze moves the leaves outside your window
Listening to one last song: Chumbawamba . . . I get knocked down, but I get up again, You’re never gonna keep me down . . .
Scooting to the bathroom mirror to tweeze errant hairs sprouting in ungodly places

Looking off into space . . . for long, silent minutes

Arranging things just so
Finally, sitting down to work
. . . . . . . . . . . . 
Creative gestation has many forms. None of them involve getting lost on the internet. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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