Creativity in the spaces

Kids do it all the time. 

When I was in high school visiting another school for a day, I sat next to a kid doing it. 

He was drawing outrageously clever cartoons, everywhere he could. In the margins, on the back of his notebooks, on napkins, on homework. 


I quickly lost track of what was going on in the class I was supposed to be auditing and became immersed in his immersion.

You see photo bugs do it. They’re snapping shots while you’re digging around for your arugula. Over there on the greenspace adjacent to the patio you’re lunching at . . . something’s caught her eye and she’s getting a couple quick shots in.

I do it. Waiting in line to vote, at the mechanic’s, at Tae Kwon Do for my son  I’m jotting notes, sketching out ideas.  

Creativity in the spaces. The engaged do it. The unengaged say they’re bored. It’s like I tell my son:

Only the boring are bored.

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