Creativity made simple, real simple

The easiest way to understand what creativity is all about is to break it down to its most fundamental aspect. And that is this:

Creativity is just trying things.

Creativity is trying things. 

Sometimes madly, sometimes because a whiff of a suggestion surfaced from the abyss of your mind, sometimes calmly, ploddingly, methodically, sometimes under the high fever of inspiration.

If you ever feel stuck, try something new. Try anything. The easier the better. Trying something is what opens the channel to the next impulse and the next impulse. And that’s what takes you there.


To that unstuck place. You know that place, it’s a humming in your head. It’s the paddling downstream after you’ve shoved off from the embankment.

That’s how companies get started, how ideas come to fruition, how books are written, how romances are begun. 

Creativity is trying whatever comes to mind that seems the best option in the moment. Creative living is simple. It’s just trying something in the direction of your yearning. 

For you —

Evan Griffith
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