Creators and duration

Creators give it time  real time. Meaning daily and for some duration. 

Creators give a thing the time it needs. Be it needlepoint, a project, a start up, a relationship or walking the Camino de Santiago. 

This means plenty of time (to flop) (or to go supernova).

So creators become maximizers of what is important. It’s no coincidence that the most powerful creators skimp on TV. And daily news. And obligations of little value.

By giving attention to what matters, daily, creators master time subtraction by default. Things of lesser value wither away from time starvation.

It’s a beautiful thing, to wake up one day and realize it’s been years since you watched a manhunt unfold. Instead you were busy creating something meaningful in the world.

Note: This is part of the What creators do series, where I look to people who are creating something meaningful in the world for inspiration and tips  and pass them along to you.

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