Creators create time

In one sense this is the story of humanity, creating time. Human progress has been about innovating in ways that save time so that there is more time for something else. 

Prosperity is time saved.

~ Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimist

It’s intensely true of the creative spirit. Creators hone in on what is of primary importance and then negotiate ways to allot more time to that.

When you are seized by an idea that you must bring to life, what once were pleasures now become wide open creation time. TV? Eliminated. Flipping through magazines? Done with that. Trolling the internet? Don’t miss it. Sex? 

I’ve gone too far . . . some things are sacred.

It’s also true that work life and errand life and housework life become ripe for new time. Ways to condense the mundane suddenly abound to those who commit. 

The truth? It’s not even hard. You don’t even break a sweat creating pockets of time for what matters, just like you didn’t have to overthink how to fit in your new lover person when one showed up in your life.

Newbie creators don’t get this: That if they begin, what they need will accrue. Clarity, assistance, energy, information, insight  especially insight  and time, especially time.

Time opens up for the engaged creator. As does the way forward.

Note: This is part of the What creators do series.

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