The crucible of your mind

Unlike an artist who requires a studio, or an entrepreneur who requires a business, we who wish to live life creatively need little but what we possess naturally.

How fortunate are we?!

Think about this, virtually every person you’ve ever read about who rose from the ashes of destruction did so because they coaxed out ideas they could take into the world.

Every person who rose from obscurity to craft a legacy you can read about . . . did so because they (repeatedly) went to the well within . . . and transformed their aspiration into action.

That we all have this — a playroom for the possible lodged within us — should be cause for triumphant rejoicing.

There are those who are wealthy who self-destruct. 

There are those who are impoverished who self-elevate. 

It is all about how we re-constitute the elements of our lives within the crucible of our minds.


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