David Langley: On creativity and purpose

We will long remember Heidegger’s contribution to existentialist philosophy . . . yet we won’t forget his Nazi flirtations. The work you do is secondary to the person you are.  

A couple months ago I wrote about a surprise insight into my purpose:

In meditation this thought was imparted to me so powerfully and succinctly my eyes flipped open: 

You may think your primary purpose is creative in nature, it’s not. Your primary purpose is to draw the best out of people.

As you might expect, someone deeply in touch with his creative anima would instantly understand that my purpose — and your purpose, whatever it may be — is  entwined with how it is expressed.

Here is the artist-entrepreneur David Langley:

I agree with what you think our ultimate purpose is in being the end goal, but the process of how we “draw it out” of others is purely creative, unique and individual.

How you embody your purpose is intimately you. You are your grandest creation.  

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