David Lynch: Anger and depression and sorrow are beautiful things

Many creative people feel you have to have drama in your life to create. I think the opposite. I think it is best to have had dramatic episodes in your life, from which you’ve recovered or from which you are recovering. 

Your best self may emerge from crisis, but your best and most creative work emerges from tranquility repeated. By going to your work without distraction, again and again and again. 

You draw out your best work in peaceful spaces. Studios, offices, homes, creative spaces . . . all work best as oases of calm in the midst of the clash and bang of life.

Anger and depression and sorrow are beautiful things in a story, but they’re like poison to the filmmaker or artist. They’re like a vise grip on creativity. If you’re in that grip, you can hardly get out of bed, much less experience the flow of creativity and ideas. You must have clarity to create. You have to be able to catch ideas. 

~ David Lynch, Catching The Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity

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