Daymond John: The power of broke

Our current success at the art gallery rose directly from the ashes of the crash.

The things we changed or were forced to change enabled our resurrection from financial collapse. Traveling around the country myself to exchange artwork with artists — to save money on shipping — opened my eyes to what was working.

I came across artists that were selling even in the economic ruins. We brought them in. We slashed personnel and costs. We negotiated a new deal on rent. We halved our own cost of living by selling our dream home and moving into one at half the value.

We’re slowly evolving this smaller home into a dreamier home.

Ann has re-committed to her own artwork. She’s selling like never before. And it’s so much more fulfilling! 

Though it took several years, we moved to a new business model. One where the person who sells the artwork is the same person who physically installs it. 

This makes for greater versatility in a given day for the team . . . and goes a long way to eliminating boredom from tight repetition. There’s more life in the day. There’s more variety.

And it’s simpler. Fewer people to manage. Greater growth opportunities for each team member.

All around it’s more fun. 

Leaner, funner, growier — what’s not to like.

Daymond John of Shark Tank fame calls it The Power of Broke.

“Whether you’re a struggling entrepreneur or running a huge corporation, money is never the answer to a problem. It’s the by-product of finding a solution.”

~ Daymond John, quoted in Success Magazine
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