Death by a thousand opportunities

Two of the latest audiobooks I’ve listened to emphasized this: 

Fewer priorities means greater effectiveness.

It’s not a surprise I’m drawn to books that ask you to lean down rather than lean in. Business thinker Jim Collins uttered one of my favorite all-time quotes:

If you have more than three major goals, you don’t have any.

Collins was referring to the propensity for organizations to take on too many initiatives, to the point of ineffectiveness. People do this also. I do this! I’m a people too.

So I seek out those who remind me to keep it simple. 

Laura Vanderkam in 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think argues that it’s our abundance that leeches the life from our days. 

You know, when you try to learn flamenco guitar, run a business, culture homemade yogurt, court five people for your new polyamory lifestyle, develop a Pilates core, raise a couple kids, faux finish the new sacred space you’re creating in a corner of your bedroom, and collaborate on a graphic novel while becoming a social media star. 

On Tuesday. 

Vanderkam calls it:

Death by a thousand opportunities.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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