Delicious spaces in a busy day


1. The moment you wake up

2. The moment you get into your car

3. The moment you arrive at your destination

4. The moment you close your eyes for one minute at your desk

5. The moment(s) you repeat the above

6. The moment you close the bathroom door

7. The moment someone says “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

8. The moment you hang up the phone

9. The moment you step away

10. The moment you have to wait for anything — a stoplight, a bridge, a doctor’s appointment . . . .

11. The moment you stand in line at a store

12. The moment you get situated on the bus, the shuttle, the subway, the train . . .

13. The moment you step into an elevator

14. The moment you take a moment for yourself, outside . . . you don’t smoke, do you? Well, then take the time a smoker takes! Take a break, go outside. Instead of sucking in airy ash, you get to take in a lungful of wonderful.

15. The moment you get home

16. The moment you tuck your child, your lover, your dog in for the night

17. The moment you turn off the lights for bed

18. The moment you get up to pee

So many people say they have no time to pause, yet if you take one small minute — repeatedly — to close your eyes, breathe fully and exhale to limp several times, you’ll have replenished yourself in a measurable way.

The day is full of small spaces ready to be yours, even in the midst of hubbub. Claim these times of regeneration and you will ultimately claim the rest of the moments of the day too.

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