The difference between pre-death, near-death, and post-death experiences

It wasn’t until I began reading a book recently about
the surprising events surrounding and foretelling the death of a
nine-year old that I discerned the stark differences between pre-death,
near-death and post-death experiences.

It’s not as if I had a reason. Once you become intrigued with spiritual experience, however,  you can’t help but go beyond the possibilities allowed by current-day science. 

(Though not for long. I’m reading a book recommended by Corina Pelloni about string theory and its offspring, M-theory. In it other dimensions are not only posited, they are required . . . .)
Cracks in the cosmic container can sometimes be glimpsed in dramatic personal events, and nothing is more intense than death and all that surrounds it. This is as true for the dying as it is for the surviving.

Pre-death experiences most often occur to the one who is about to die . . . generally premonitions, visions, dreams . . . though often dismissed they can turn out to be eerily prophetic as events unfurl. 

Family, companions, those with a strong bond may sometimes get clear signals also.
Or the pre-death experience can come as a warning. Avoid this foreseen thing and you’ll be fine.

In the future I’ll be sharing some extraordinary experiences surrounding one such case, where the pre-death experiences weren’t cautionary in tone, more like a spirit-enhancing gift to indicate powerfully that, yes, there is so much more.

Near-death experiences you’ve likely heard much about. 

Virtually an undiscussed topic until pioneers in science began detailing these experiences in recent decades, they are now commonly enough disseminated throughout the culture that in Shrek, the animated movie, when the ogre Shrek is injured the Donkey shouts out:

Don’t die, Shrek, and if you see any long tunnels, stay away from the light!

These experiences by definition can only be experienced by the one going through it. Literally, you must die/near die to partake in this adventure.

Within the next month I’ll also be sharing some special passages from one such event, related in detail. 

Post-death experiences
can only be lived by the survivors. They also include dreams, visions, feelings of the overpowering presence of the departed, signs, messages . . . inexplicable but understandable phenomena.

Wrapping up this series I’ll relate the experience of a friend who recently lost her Mom . . . and possibly even something I experienced personally, if OK’d by the close friend entangled with the episode. 

What is so fascinating about these experiences?
They are peeps into the Great Mystery, some kind of brief fissure opening between realms. 

And these openings occur to millions, not dozens. I know this because several people I know have had intense experiences along these lines, as have I — and it’s not a common topic of conversation.

Multiply that out into the human populace and you get millions, likely hundreds of millions who’ve had glancing experience with the Inexplicable, who’ve come away awed.

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