Disruptions from the periphery

Dante Alighieri wrote the greatest work of Italian literature of the Middle Ages in exile.

Walmart was founded in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Australia had its beginnings as a remote penal colony.

Warren Buffet became a financial behemoth from of all places, Nebraska.

(Saint) Francis of Assisi abandoned himself to being a flower child for Jesus in the 13th century.

Malcolm X had the epiphany that changed him from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X while in prison.

Albert Einstein couldn’t find work at a university; he worked as a patent file clerk.

Charles Bukowski trudged through most of his working life as a postal worker. 

Miguel de Cervantes wrote the first modern novel, Don Quijote, while in jail.

Christianity sprouted in a rump outpost of the Roman Empire, instigated by a poor, itinerant rabbi. (Love, baby, love. Love gets around.)

It was in distant Tahiti that Gauguin made his mark as an artist, far from the art world locus of that era. (Paris.)

If you feel like you’re on the outside of things, take heart. Impact often comes from the periphery.

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Evan Griffith
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