Do you have a favorite billionaire?

Try this for the next few days — after you’ve asked yourself, ask those whom you encounter: Who is your favorite billionaire?

The answers are more instructive than deciphering Rorschach ink blots.

If Donald Trump — the bombastic P.T. Barnum of business in this era — then big, brassy, me me ME materialism is your operating model for success.

If Richard Branson, then adventure, daring and a toothy smile speak to you.

If Oprah, then your inner soul sistah yelps ecstatic metaphysical verse in the face of the dark side of humanity (as mine does).

If Warren Buffett, good on you, for the off-the-rack wisdom and buttoned down humility. Simplicity looks good on a billionaire.

One’s choice in billionaires reflects personal aspiration. Not necessarily for the type of business, but almost certainly for admired qualities.

The follow up question is why? What is it about this particular billionaire? What do you see in him/her? For those are qualities you’d like to bring out in yourself.

What is seen is sought.

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